Art Lives Forever 台北國際永續藝術展

2022年3/14~3/22日 ARTrigin創元藝術於台灣首創舉辦ART LIVES FOREVER 【台北國際永續藝術展】,跨境與十多位國際與臺灣藝術家透過八個多月的努力促成此項公益藝文展,本展覽融合不同時代的藝術範疇、有生活潮流、有元宇宙,有新舊世代關注的虛實場景,呈現藝術與議題的多元面向,並成為世人生活中隨處可得,不可或缺的一部分。

From March 14th to March 22nd ,2022, ART LIVES FOREVER 【Taipei International Sustainable Art Exhibition】curated for the first time in Taiwan by ARTrigin is joined by 10 and more multinational and Taiwanese artists in contribution to this charitable event after 8 months of efforts. This exhibition brings together all different forms of art, there are living trends, metaverse and virtual reality which demonstrates the varied angles of art and issues as they should become life essential’s to everyone in the world.

活動時間 活動地點 活動票價 結束時間
2022/03/14 15:00:00 PPP時尚藝文空間 無售票 2022/03/22 18:00:00